Practical and Financial Importance of the Knowledge Gained at the Conference


Knowledge of the organization and functions of the standard cell will provide the participant with substantial support for understanding knowledge needed for other disciplines and a better perception of pathological phenomena at the cellular and molecular level. Furthermore, the participant and the future doctor or researcher will also understand it even contributes (if it has imagination) to the elaboration of new one’s specific action drugs, new strategies in prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of many diseases. The Discovery of direct gene analysis techniques - recombinant DNA technique - it's a revolutionary technology in biology, medicine, and finance. For any disease, the beginning, the state, and the finality alterations have a single cell location with its infrastructures specific depending on their quality and topography. The future doctor must be familiar with the fundamental molecules of cell organization in norm and pathology. The biological system at the molecular level is a complex of biopolymers (nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) interacting with each other, ensuring the permanent flow of information, energy, and matter. System activity schedule biological is inscribed in the macromolecules of DNA.